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Sportareál Satalice nabízí využití volného času pro širokou veřejnost

Hlavní nabídka

Prices of list in Satalice Sporting Compound

Tennis on clay courts : 150 CZK per hour
Tennis on the multipurpose field with artificial turf: 150 CZK per hour
Volleyball on the multipurpose field with artificial turf: 300 CZK per hour

Prices include the possibility of using the changing rooms and showers .


The playing order on the tennis courts

Playing time Monday - Sunday from 8:00 – 20:00.
Players can enter the court until after the presentation at the reception, you are required to perform at least five minutes before the game clock, otherwise the reception is entitled to occupy the court by other candidates.
Playing time is 55 minutes. Adjusted court following a pair of passes every hour.
Pre-ordered game cancel  at least one  hour before the start of the game by telephone . If this condition is met, the next game required a fine of 150, - CZK per hour playing unexcused. On clay courts, players can join in tennis shoes, which is designed exclusively for the clay surface. If in doubt, decide on the appropriateness of footwear reception or administrator courts and reserves the right not to let players on court.
If a player injures an inappropriate shoe surface courts, the court modified its cost. The minimum amount is 500, - CZK.
Players entering the sport at your own risk.
Players are required to immediately report all defects to reception venues, or barriers to the use of sports facilities. This reporting requirement also applies to defects caused during the use of sports players.
Before playing it is the responsibility of players, if the court is dry, the court properly sprinkle - not just the playing surface, but also space for the baseline to the fence and between villages. Please sprinkle from a height, not in the earth.
After the game players first court properly settle wooden rakes, and then use the tool to repair network. Hand tools hang on hooks in the back fence.
In case of bad weather (the rain) decide on the eligibility of courts to play manager reception or custodian of courts.